Johanna Engelina from outside

The Johanna Engelina is a fast sailor. We are therefore working this. If you walk across the deck and look up, you will see a jumble of steel wires and ropes running up along the two masts. We all need them; not only for hoisting the sails but above all to be able to trim the sails in an optimal position, giving the ship its speed. The longer you sail on the Johanna Engelina, the better you will learn to understand and operate the lines, traps and shots.

The Johanna Engelina is arranged above deck in such a way that we can sail the ship very labour-intensively and fanatically. But if we have a less active mood, we can also let ourselves sail with a minimum of effort.
The aft deck with the steering wheel and before that the compass from here we control the ship and keep an eye on everything.

Safe sitting in the spacious cockpit on the Johanna EngelinaThe midship cockpit, a large, sheltered seating area. From here you can enjoy the sailing trip with, if possible, a nice snack and drink. This photo was taken with wind force 5 at ten o’clock in the evening. You see, even then, the wine doesn’t slide off the deck.

The view from the cockpit to the front. The sails will now be unpacked and will be hoisted immediately.

Finally, the foreship with the kluiver tree is excellent for that again. For the daredevils who dare to go into the kluivernet a nice place to tie the sails together.

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