Johanna Engelina’s crew

“A ship is as seaworthy as its crew” is a well-known statement in shipping. So that puts quite a responsibility on that crew. And rightly so, because we sail with guests who rely on us and on the ship. The crew of the Johanna Engelina has extensive experience in the professional sailing and also a healthy sense of responsibility. The skipper is in possession of all the necessary papers.

Since 1999 Laurens Sinaasappel is the owner and skipper of this great sailing ship. Laurens has been sailing as skipper since 1991. Over the past 30 years he has sailed on many different ships in various fields. As a mate he started in 1988 on the IJsselmeer on de Zorg met Vlijt. In 1993 and 1994 he sailed in Greece on the Lady Penelope. In the winters of ’95 and ’96 he made a trip along the coast of South America to Antarctica. And since 1999 as owner/skipper of the Johanna Engelina.

The Johanna Engelina competition team

The ship is then divided into three decks:
Aft deck: the beating heart. This is where the course and the tactics are determined. From here the ship is controlled and the swords are operated just like the baking sticks.
Middle deck: on the middle deck you are responsible for hoisting the bezaan, putting on the big lap and hoisting and bringing down the bezaanstag sails and the top sails of the mainsail and bezaan. In addition, there is a water sail for the mainsail. When there is nothing to do you can help with peeling potatoes or sunbathing.
The Front Deck: On the front deck you are responsible for lifting and ironing the kluiver, mainsail and breeding. in addition, we have a water sail for breeding and a genoa. You’re constantly setting these sails here. If there’s nothing to do in between, you can always sunbathe.

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