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€ 175,- p.p. incl. catering (food & drinks)
Children up to 16 years: € 125,-
Embark: Friday, October 23, 2020, Hoorn. 't Houten Hooft
Disembark: Sunday, October 25, 2020, Hoorn, 't Houten Hooft

Always wanted to participate in a sailing race with at least thirty big clippers and tjalken? Welcome aboard one of the Johanna Engelina. You don’t have to be an experienced sailor to participate in these competitions. The crew will be happy to take you under her wing.

Unfortunately, this package cannot be booked (anymore) this year


Go to the website of the Bontekoerace in HoornThe Bontekoerace is the annual sailing competition for charter ships and traditional fishing vessels from Hoorn.
This race race will be held on the last weekend of October to end the sailing season, which started the Pieperrace near Volendam in April for charter ships. For the Bontekoerace the ships gather on Friday evening, after which sailing for the classification on Saturday and Sunday.

Due to the wide variety of participating ships (clippers, tjalken, fireplaces, botters and quacks), the race also gives a nice overview of Dutch sailing heritage. An Olympic track is sailed on both Saturday and Sunday.

Johanna Engelina

The Johanna Engelina is a 38-metre sailing clipper. Built in 1897 and with approx. 800m2 sail on board. All competitions can accommodate up to 33 people. Accompanied by an experienced crew, you will have the chance to experience a very spectacular event. Sailing experience is not required, conviviality is. Every competition also involves an experienced cook. Because with an empty stomach you can’t sail!

The Johanna Engelina is an original Zeeland two-mast clipper. The ship is equipped with a spacious deck for sunbathing or helping with sailing. Below deck you will find a cozy day care, attractive huts and a well-equipped galley.



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