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School trip on the Johanna Engelina

€ 1120,- per school trip with a minimum purchase of 4 day trips,- p.p. incl. catering (food & drinks)
Children up to 16 years: € 35,- p.p.p.d.,-
Embark: Monday morning / Sunday evening, Amsterdam/Enkhuizen/Harlingen
Disembark: Friday morning/ Friday afternoon, Enkhuizen/ Harlingen

Especially for schools, we have developed possibilities for a working week or a day cruise on and around the water. Educational and active. The idea behind such a school outing is to link a sailing week or day with different school subjects. In addition, there is room for sportsmanship and relaxation. We have worked out a number of possibilities, but are of course open to other ideas.

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Especially for schools, we have developed options for a sailing trip on and around the water. Educational and active. The idea behind such a school outing is to link a sailing week or day with various school subjects. In addition, there is room for sportsmanship and relaxation. We have worked out a number of possibilities, but are of course open to other ideas.
As a school, you can also book multiple ships for your school classes or groups. You compose the program yourself and you take care of the meals on board with the students.
These programmes are elaborate examples of a day’s sailing or a school week as it can be done on board the Johanna Engelina:

Day of sailing with secondary schools

Educational day trip with overnight stay from Amsterdam

The new normal is almost becoming the old normal again. We expect to welcome groups of 30 to 50 people again from 1 May. Your school class!
And for this we offer a great educational day out.

So what do we offer?
An overnight stay on board with a day’s sailing on a 40-metre clipper from Amsterdam.

Sailing idea:

  • The class will arrive at 9am.
  • After a welcome talk with safety instructions, we will discuss exactly what we are going to do on the day.
    A little more acclimatisation and then it will be time to cast off again.
  • We pass behind Amsterdam Central Station, right through all the commuters who cross over on the ferry.
  • Then to the Oranjesluizen with an explanation of the function and operation of the locks and the waterways.
  • After passing the Schellingwouder Bridge, the sails can finally be set.
    Here, too, we tell you about the power play of the winches, ropes, pulleys and how you can hoist a 180m2 sail with two people.
  • When the sails are finally set, the working of the sails is explained on the basis of Bernoulli’s law.
    We also spend time on the Pythagorean theorem and how we use it a lot on board.
  • In the meantime, we sail past Durgerdam, IJburg, Lighthouse island, Uitdam, Pampus and Muiden. All are places of high historical value. And we can also point out the interconnectedness with the Dutch language and our maritime past. Of course, we will once tack with such a large sailing ship and explain sailing manoeuvres.
  • If the weather permits, we can make a short swimming stop, but then it is really time to sail back to Amsterdam.

In short, a day on the Johanna Engelina is a day full of fun, cooperation, educationand activities.

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IJsselmeer city tourt

working week programme on the IJsselmeer

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Wadden Sea class trip

5-day working week on the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea

On Sunday you will come on board in Enkhuizen and get acquainted with the ship, the crew and your travel companions.
Your sailing trip starts on Monday. The sails are hoisted and the ship sets sail for the Frisian coast.
On Tuesday you sail towards the Afsluitdijk. After passing through the lock at Kornwerderzand, the salty Wadden Sea area lies ahead. This is the largest contiguous nature reserve in Europe. You will spend the night in the harbour of West-Terschelling.
On Wednesday, you will head towards Texel, a cosy island with a beautiful forest and dune area. Along the way, you sail along dry sandbars where seals regularly sunbathe.
On Thursday you will sail to Medemblik, a cozy medieval town.
On Friday it will be “all hands on deck” for the last time, before the ship docks again at the boarding port at 4 p.m.

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Towns along the Markermeer

5-day working week on the Markermeer


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5-day working week on IJsselmeer and Frisian lakes

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Johanna Engelina

The Johanna Engelina is a 38-metre sailing clipper. Built in 1897 and with approx. 800m2 sail on board. All regattas can accommodate up to 33 people. Accompanied by an experienced crew, you will have the chance to experience a very spectacular event. Sailing experience is not required, conviviality is. In addition, an experienced cook accompanies the team every time. Because with an empty stomach you can’t sail!

The Johanna Engelina is an original two-mast clipper from Zeeland. The ship is equipped with a spacious deck for sunbathing or helping with sailing. Below deck you will find a cozy day care, attractive huts and a well-equipped galley.

Practical information


  • Monday morning / Sunday evening
  • Friday morning/ Friday afternoon
    Enkhuizen/ Harlingen

Transfer to and from departure and arrival port is on your own and expense.


The working week programs include five days including accommodation (overnight stay on the ship) and a sporty and educational way of transport (sailing). A skipper and a crew member sail along. Catering can be provided in consultation.


Working week programs do not include catering, drinks, duvets, excursions or museum visits.

Catering and drinks on board

Catering and drinks are not included in the price of the work week program. You and your group or class will take care of the meals in the galley of the ship. Fully catered catering is optionally bookable.

Expanding program

It is always possible to customize the program to your wishes. We are happy to help you to realize your special wishes for catering, activities on board or a different arrival or departure port. You can make your wishes known at the request for a reservation or contact us for a non-binding offer.


Via the tab “Book now”, or by clicking here,you can book for several people and also pay, for example with IDeal.

Questions / contact

Do you have any questions? Read the most frequently asked questions here or contact us via our contact form or call 0621 506 336 (on working days from 09.00 to 17.00). We are happy to help you.

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