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Team building sailing

€ from 2250,-
Embark: 10:00 or 14:00, Gependam, Enkhuizen or Willemskade, Harlingen
Disembark: 18:00 or 20:00, Gependam, Enkhuizen / Nieuwe Willemskade, Harlingen

Are you looking for a secret weapon to improve the results of your organization? A platform to investigate and increase the quality of your work?
Board the Johanna Engelina and let your team re-reveal each other’s (hidden) talents in a relaxed sporting way in a fresh environment.

This package is a tailor-made product. You can’t book straight away. I would like to ask you to contact me via the contact form

or call 06-21506336. Then we can discuss all wishes and possibilities together. On the basis of this I will then draw up a quotation.

Wandering the IJsselmeer for a day. Simply sailing all day. In time do some maneuvers (overstag, gijpen) and continue to enjoy the extensive caterings and the game of wind and water.


Team building sailing

After work we all have a nice evening of boating and drinks while enjoying a fully catered barbecue.


Are you looking for a secret weapon to improve the results of your organization? A platform to investigate and increase the quality of your work?
Board the Johanna Engelina and let your team re-reveal each other’s (hidden) talents in a relaxed sporting way in a fresh environment.

From the water you can suddenly see the mainland from a different, sometimes surprising side. Existing patterns become visible when everyone assumes their responsibility and tasks for the joint struggle with and against the elements. Hoisting the sails together, celebrating the shots or having a drink in the hold afterwards: the privateness of the ship gives fraternization. A breath of fresh air blows through the company, automatically breaking down traditional group building and entrenched codes of conduct.

Operating the rigging alertly, communicating clearly and effectively, responding to changing environmental factors and responding to each other, responding adequately: indispensable qualities when you want to get the wind in your sails. Both on deck and on the work floor. This makes the sailing ship so suitable for team building and team development. As a group you step into a whole new world.

Our philosophy

Sailing offers a great environment when we look at opportunities for team development. The way in which a group collaborates and responds to the elements on and around the sailing ship is directly translated into the result achieved on board. This visible relationship between collaboration and results gives a group insight into their development potential. This can be translated into daily work practice.
The contribution that the trainers make stems from a deep-seated passion for sailing. This passion is combined with knowledge and experience for process guidance. A great combination that removes resistances, enthuses and encourages development and change.

Philosophy in practice

Let’s go back to the basics of learning and (behavioral) change. People learn fastest and best when assumptions and automatic behavior and thinking patterns are made visible. Learning and behavioral change can only take place in a challenging environment. Sailing offers such a pleasant and educational environment. It is precisely this extraordinary situation that has been used to develop a number of training courses in which the means ‘sailing’ are used.
Due to the non-routine situation, participants cannot “flee” in company rules and procedures. They are, from a new environment, strongly dependent on each other. The hierarchy of daily life is no longer the same. A training on board one of our sailing ships will therefore be considered refreshing. Participants in our training courses experience the combination of sailing and learning as innovative.


Everything is possible on board our traditional sailing ships. After an extensive conversation in which all your wishes are discussed, a tailor-made training program is put together. Activities on board can take place both above and below deck. A link is established between the functioning of the participants on board and in the daily reality of the work. In addition to the tailor-made training courses, we can offer you, for example if you organize or carry out a training yourself, the sailing ship as accommodation. Possibly including an additional supporting role of the crew.

Practical information

  • 10:00 or 14:00
    Gependam, Enkhuizen or Willemskade, Harlingen
  • 18:00 or 20:00
    Gependam, Enkhuizen / Nieuwe Willemskade, Harlingen

Transportation to and from the berth is on your own and expense.

  • All meals: breakfast, lunch and evening meals with coffee, tea and (butter) milk. These meals are simple and tasty. During this sailing holiday, a cook sails along who takes care of the preparation of the meals together with you and also enlists the help of the children if they wish.
  • Duvet and towels.

The price does not include other drinks. You pay this in cash on board at the end of the trip (on post-calculation). Possible excursions are not included in this package.

Book here

Via the tab “Book directly” you can book and also pay, for example with IDeal.

Questions / contact

Do you have any questions? Read the most frequently asked questions here or contact us via our contact form or call +31621 506 336 (on working days from 09.00 to 17.00). We are happy to help you.

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