The interior of the Johanna Engelina

When ships were still made of wood and men of iron. yes, then people were sleeping in a hammock, and if you were lucky on a straw bag. Your need was done overboard or on a bucket, and as Jacob Catsz wrote, “Wash your hands, wash your teeth, but rarely wash your feet and your body of your life.”
Then you ate salted meat suffered scurvy and the maggots from the ship’s rusk were much needed extra proteins.
Although the Johanna Engelina is a historically responsible ship, we have moved with our times in certain respects.
You don’t have to be made of iron anymore. Are there 32 pleasant cages (ship language for beds) spread over 10 cabins built in. Each cabin is equipped with a sink with hot and cold running water. And the sanitary facilities consist of 4 showers 3 toilets a sink in each cabin. Finally, ship has well equipped kitchen with plenty of cooling room storage.

All cabins are equipped with windows (portholes or shutters), ventilation and sufficient storage space for the luggage (hanging cabinets). Furthermore, each cabin has its own adjustable central heating radiator and sink with hot and cold running water. All rooms on the ship are lockable.

The ship

Due to the voluminous dimensions of the ship, the interior could be spacious and you have a lot of freedom of movement on deck. An additional advantage is that the ship is very stable in the water, so seasickness is rare. (see chapter what to do against).

We sail you through the day in a sporty comfortable way. Under expert guidance, you will become one with a chunk of Dutch history. You will be able to experience that a 240-tonne boat of about 40 meters in length is only moved by the wind. You will experience what it is to put on giant sails. You will notice the pleasure you have in doing it all together. And you will learn to hear and tell skipper’s Latin and tough sea stories.

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